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  • Tuesday, 8th September, 2020
  • 16:11pm

Block nearly 100% of viruses, malware and spam before they ever reach your inbox

Incoming email filtering gives you all these benefits...

Full Inbox protection at competitive prices
Extremely accurate filtering
Easy configuration
Increase inbound email continuity & redundancy
Various reporting options
Friendly interface to keep you in full control over your email
Increase employee productivity
Compatible with any mail server

How it works

Once your domain is (automatically) deployed to the Incoming Filter, and filtering is activated, email will pass through the SpamExperts filtering cloud. Incoming emails are securely analyzed and scanned in real time. No training or configurations are required and everything works out of the box. Any message detected as spam is moved to the quarantine, while non-spam is sent to your email server. The quarantine can be monitored in the user-friendly SpamPanel, through email-reports, or even directly in your email client! No more wasted time in dealing with spam, simply focus your energy on business tasks, while you remain in full control.

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